Been keeping this under my hat for a while, but I am stoked to finally announce my new venture. Built was founded by myself & Brian Brooks, two friends who have created way too many things over the years, and have loved every minute of it. (Except for that one time involving three gnomes, a palette of salami and a mad U-haul manager.)

Since meeting at Summit in Hood River Oregon, the bond in like-minded design, creative thinking, family and faith, became the foundation and inspiration to start Built.

If you would like to know more and possibly work with us, head on over to our brand new, freshly launched site found at

Website and UI work done for our friends at

Turn your iPad into a professional graphics tablet.

For this great project, I worked with my friends at Slingshot Sports to launch their new Longboard Brand, Moonshine MFG.

Was responsible for Branding, online marketing strategy and design, including board graphical design and art direction.

The brand is taking off like hot cakes and is shaking things up in the longboard community with their Made in America ground breaking board manufacturing methods.

Check them out at

*Waterproof photo by Lance Koudele

Work done for Blue Collar. Initial design direction & pitch work for Sun Valley.

My newest personal project.

Out of a love for baseball caps, gasoline culture and all things Americana, Gasoline Caps was born. Right out of the gate we are featuring a truly unique line of hats. Vintage License Plate Caps for many of the states in America. As we grow, we will continue to add more states and new lines of great Americana inspired gear.