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Work done for my friends at Rally. Initial design direction & pitch work for

Honestly, I just got sick of looking at's outdated site. On a whim and a few 5 hour energy drink, 8 hours later I created what you see above. This mainly was an exercise for fun to create a better organized, easier to use and visually appealing version what currently offers on their homepage. An in depth discovery would be needed with the client moving forward if I were to tackle a true redesign.

Here are the Hi-Res versions

Homepage Version One

Homepage Version Two

What it would look like in an iPad

What it would look like in an iPad Horizontal

My inspiration really came from ESPN the Magazine. I really believe the merging of magazine layout and website content will continue to blur the lines. I especially believe if I were to tackle this as a real project, it would have to be designed, and built to scale and spider to any platform, in any form. This would allow a specialized iPad version of their site that would mimic a powerful interactive magazine.

Anyway, hope you enjoy what you see, it really was just for fun.

Oh.... I forgot to mention. I am currently doing a next gen version. Throwing all out the window and going straight up future of ESPN. New usability, touch interaction, new content suggestions and groupings... the works.

Creative used in the SQ MACHSPEED website

Creative Direction. Concept. Created with Left Channel.