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After five great months designing from head to toe the app and website, the beautiful amazingly built app Snapguide is now live. Thanks to Daniel Raffel for bringing me on board and amazing job Snapguide team on the implementation. It was great to come on and become the creative lead and designer of Snapguide.

Feel free to click through the images above, but the best way to experience the app is to download it and try it out for yourself. The content is great, but the process of creating a guide is brilliant. Try it out!

Thanks to Nick Slater for collaborating with me on the Logo.

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The Next Wave of iOS Apps

Snapguide Makes It Super Easy To Make And Share How-To Guides On iOS

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Create Engaging Tutorials in a Snap with Snapguide

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Snapguide App Lets Users Create How-To Guides on the Go

Snapguide lets you share your expertise with the world

Snapguide Is a Simple Way to Create and Share How-To Guides on iPhone

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SnapGuide: A Simple (and Incredibly Pretty) Way To Make And Share How-To Guides On Your Phone

Snapguide Makes Anyone a Guide

Awesome! App of the week.
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Snapguide wants to turn all of us into guides with simple tools to create How-Tos

Snapguide for iPhone review: Best app for creating beautiful guides and DIY projects

Snapguide is a gorgeous little app for your iPhone

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Beautiful big image browsing. Great simple navigation and organization. Sexy and slick guide viewer. Really great design and build by a great team.

Creative Direction, Lead Design & Concept

Design collaboration with Drew Cone.
Great job Neal Mckinney & Jeremy Bueler on the development side.

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Recently launched this simple but beautiful site. Parallax Scrolling site with purpose, to reveal a product. One of my last projects at Summit. Great job Neal Mckinney on the development and bringing it to life. Based on Nemo's Print campaign.

Creative Direction, Design & Concept Design collaboration with Brian Brooks. Special thanks to Crispin Young for the design support.
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Sometimes I find it interesting to know where a project started and where it ended. Take a look at some of the initial thinking behind

At this stage in the game you can see the beginnings of a great site. The architecture of the site was far along and the creative portion was beginning.